Rail-based wave curtains

Wave-style curtains have become increasingly popular over the last few years due their smooth appearance. 

Slide is compatible with regular Rail wave curtains. Mount Slide in-between one of the waves of your curtain, hidden behind and out of sight.

In some cases however, we advice you to mount Slide to the ceiling. This is because there are set distances between the runners in the curtains. The width of Slide is 7,8cm (3.07 inch). If the distance between these runners is smaller than this, it will not be possible to mount Slide on the curtain and in between the curtain folds. 

Keep in mind your curtain rails are not longer than 6 meters, do not make a bend and ideally have approximately 2 mm space at the outer ends of the rails towards the wall for easy mounting. 

For further information regarding Slides compatibility with your home curtain system, please visit our Compatibility page.

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