Stuck at 'Slide Connect screen'.

If there is nothing happening when selecting "connect" form the screen below, please make sure that during the installation flow your phone stays connected to the Wifi Hotspot of Slide. Some phones have the tendency to disconnect from the Slide Wifi Access Point, because it has no internet connection. You can disable this in the settings of your phone or sometimes you get a warning asking if you want to keep the current connection.

If this does not help, please perform a factory reset on Slide.  To do so please do the following: unplug the power cord of Slide, then replug it again. The light at the bottom of Slide will (start to) blink. The reset button is placed in the other hole (opposite of the light). Use something like a paperclip to push and hold this button for at least 10 seconds. Slide will return to factory settings and the light of Slide will start pulsating (going on and off slowly). Please restart the installation flow in the app from the beginning where you have to put in your user secret. You can find the user secret on the 'Welcome Sheet' and on top of Slide.

If you can't find the Slide network in your wifi settings, please take a look at the following article:

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