Calibrating Slide [Troubleshooting]

This article contains solutions for the following possible problems during calibration:

  1. Stuck on Calibration screen.
  2. Curtains do not fully open or close
  3. My curtains open when I select close, and vice versa.

Stuck on Calibration screen 

If you can't get past the above shown screens, please check the following:

  • First of all, when you're at this screen, please have a look at Slide itself. Is the light of Slide slowly pulsating (slowly going on and off)? 
    • If so, Slide was not able to connect to your WiFi network. Please double check your WiFi credentials. In some cases the WiFi passwords of the 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks differ. Slide uses the 2.4GHz one. You can retry by going back to the installation procedure and connecting to the WiFi Access Point of Slide itself. If however, when restarting this procedure, you get errors during the process, please do a factory reset of Slide
    • If not, Slide is connected to your WiFi network but is not able to receive any commands. This is most likely due to an incorrect device code. In this case you will need to do a factory reset of Slide
  • Please note that Slide has difficulties with an alternative DNS server such as a pi-hole. We are working on a solution for this, but at the moment Slide can't connect to the server with such a service running.
  • Another important thing is to make sure that during the installation flow your phone stays connected to the WiFi Hotspot of Slide, up until you entered / selected your own WiFi network to connect to. Some phones have the tendency to disconnect from the Slide WiFi Access Point, because it has no internet connection. You can disable this in the settings of your phone or sometimes you get a warning asking if you want to keep the current connection.

Curtains do not fully open or close

Curtains open and close asymmetrically. 

  • Probably the Second Connector is not placed correctly. When installing the Second Connector, please make absolutely sure there is no cable left in the First Connector. 

Curtains do not fully close

  1. Check if the cable of Slide can move freely and is not stuck in any of the curtain runners.
  2. Please make sure the fabric can still close and is not preventing Slide from pulling it. You can do this by trying to pull the fabric by hand to close the curtain. If either the left or right side can't be closed, Slide will not be able to do so either. If you have a double curtain, it is important to test both sides as Slide pulls your curtain from both sides at the same time. Because Slide sits "inside" your fabric, it might be that your fabric has become that little bit too small. if this is the case, you can try the following:
    1. One side is preventing Slide from closing the curtains? This might be because the Connectors (First & Second) are not attached correctly. They have to be placed completely symmetrically. Play around with the location of the Second Connector to see if this makes any improvements. Be sure that there is no cable left in the First Connector when installing the Second Connector. 
    2. Move the two mounts more toward the middle.
      1. If you attached the mount to your stopper, it means moving your stopper.
      2. If you just used the Slide Spring (the metal part in the mount), see if you can put the Slide Spring in a different slot in the Mount.
    3. If you can't or don't want do the above, you can install the Mounts of Slide on the ceiling. This way the curtain track is not used anymore to hold Slide. Please be careful if you do so. The whole weight and strength of Slide is hanging on this Mount. Using the correct tools, plugs and screws is mandatory. If you are not sure, please contact us for more information at
  3. Check the strength of Slide in the calibration screen.

My curtains open when I select close, and vice versa

This means you have switched the First and Second Connector. The First Connector is supposed to be attached to the curtain closest to Slide. The Second Connector should pull the second curtain. If there is only one curtain, the Second Connector should not be used.

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